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A Special Issue of International Journal of Transportation Engineering and Technology (ISSN Online 2575-1751)

Deadline for manuscript submissions: Mar. 18, 2022

Thermal management technology and heat transfer is an advanced engineering research and developed science that provides many advantages for cooling applications and energy storage solutions in commercial and industrial systems. We are pleased to invite you to contribute to an upcoming Special Issue entitled “Heat Transfer and Thermal Management Technologies” of the International Journal of Transportation Engineering and Technology. This Special Issue is open to researchers and authors who want to submit their research and review articles in the field of heat transfer, thermal management systems, energy storage, biothermal engineering, and nanoscale energy transfer. The present Special Issue will consider deeply how combined and progressive thermal management technologies can control and use excess energy in a comprehensive range of industrial and non-industrial applications. This journal accepts the different kinds of topics comprising energy generation, applied thermal applications, thermal energy storage, thermal management and conversion, heat transfer applications, and renewable energies.


  1. Thermal Management Applications
  2. Energy Conversion
  3. Renewable Energy Technologies
  4. Phase Change Material
  5. Energy and Thermal Storage
  6. Battery Thermal Management
  7. Battery Electro-Thermal Model
  8. Battery Electrochemical Application
  9. Electronic Cooling
Lead Guest Editor
  • Hamidreza Behi

    Department of Electrical Engineering and Power Electronics, Vrije Universiteit Brussel , Brussels, Belgium

Guest Editors
  • Reza Behi

    Department of Energy Technology, KTH Royal Institute of Technology , Stockholm, Sweden

  • Danial Karimi

    Mobility, Logistics, and Automotive Technology Research Centre, Vrije Universiteit Brussel , Brussels, Belgium

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Call for Papers

This special issue is open for submissions of original research. It accepts full papers, abstracts and tentative paper titles. The submission deadline is Mar. 18, 2022. Authors are encouraged to contribute research in related fields to the special issue.

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